FlexLink K4

Extended L-Band Switch Matrix 4:4 to 32:32 (fan-out/distributive)

The FlexLink-K4 is a professional, flexible and scalable L-Band Switch Matrix in 4RU/19″ rack mount design supporting Extended L-Band frequency range (850 2450MHz), useable for standard L-Band, KA-Band and HTS applications. It allows various switch/routing configurations from 4:4 to 32:32 (increments of 4) where one input can be switched/routed to one or all outputs (fan-out/distributive). The system comes in two versions, the K4-Eco and the K4-Plus both available with max. 32 inputs and 32 outputs. The K4-Eco system is a standard unity gain matrix while the K4-Plus comes with additional features such as variable gain-control, slope equalization, RF power monitoring and optionally with LNB-supply and 10MHz external reference signal port.

  • RF-Design FlexLink K4 Switch Matrix Front
  • RF-Design FlexLink K4 Switch Matrix Rear

Features & Benefits

  • 4RU/19″ rackmount design

  • Configurations 4:4 to 32:32

  • Extended L-Band (850 – 2450MHz)

  • 10MHz reference signal port

  • Various input & output coax connectors (50 & 75OHm)

  • Variable gain control

  • Slope equalization

  • RF power monitoring

  • Switchable LNB-supply

  • Superior RF performance

  • Front-side LCD touchscreen

  • Remote configuration via WebGUI

  • and more …