RF-Design is your partner for your individual RF equipment and RF distribution needs. We are specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing professional RF distribution products for the international Satellite-, Broadcast- and Broadband communications industry. Our products are designed for a wide range of applications and perfectly suited for your RF signal distribution chain while they are distinguished by high quality, reliability, operational stability and superior RF performance.

Our portfolio includes 19" rack-mount stand-alone and scalable/modular equipment such as Switch Matrix Systems, RF-over-Fiber Solutions, RF & DVB monitoring Systems, Switches, Redundancy-Switches, Line-Amplifiers, Splitters/Combiners and LNB-supply/control systems. We are also well known for developing and manufacturing custom-made RF distribution solutions for your individual requirements.

All our products are designed, manufactured, tested and approved in our own facilities in Lorsch/Germany. The high requirements of our customers drives our experienced and motivated team to develop, to manufacture and to provide products and solution...always designed for perfect signals.