FiberLinkplus not redundant

Standard RF-over-Fiber

The FiberLinkplus RF-over-Fiber system for non-redundant optical transmission of RF signals is available in sizes of 1RU/19″ & 3RU/19″ rack mount design and holds up to 4 optical TX/RX modules with the 1RU/19″ chassis or up to 16 optical TX/RX modules with the 3RU/19″ chassis. It features Laser/Link monitoring, status LED´s, variable gain control, RF power monitoring, switchable LNB-supply, hot-swappable TX/RX modules and 1:1 redundant dual power supply as well as local or remote configuration and monitoring.

This professional RF-over-Fiber system stands for perfect RF performance as well as stable signal distribution and is perfectly suited for Teleports, Satellite Earth Stations, Broadcasting and Cable/IPTV operations.

  • RF-Design FiberLink FLC3160plus Front
  • RF-Design FiberLink FLC3160plus Rear
  • RF-Design FiberLink FLC1140plus-50S Front
  • RF-Design FiberLink FLC1140plus-50S Rear

Features & Benefits

  • Space saving 1RU/19″ or 3RU/19″ design

  • Compact & professional signal transmission

  • Supports L-Band or extended L-Band

  • 1 – 16 RF over fiber signal transmission (per chassis)

  • Insertion of max. 16 TX and/or RX modules per chassis

  • Hot-swappable TX/RX modules

  • Supports mixed TX/RX configuration

  • Variable gain control

  • RF power monitoring

  • Switchable LNB-supply

  • Local and remote configuration

  • Status LED´s

  • 1:1 redundant dual power supply