RLC2708A / RLC2716A

1+1 redundant L-Band Line Amplifiers with internal 8:1 and 16:1 Combiner

RF-Design´s RLC2708A and RLC2716A are 1+1 redundant operating line amplifier units with rear-side integrated 8:1 or 16:1 L-Band combiners built into a 1RU/19″ chassis. The units features 8:1 or 16:1 L-Band combining while the two redundant operating amplifiers allow variable gain-adjustment so to reach best RF performance within the network. Besides the variable gain adjustment and 8:1 or 16:1 combining the units also features slope equalization, 10MHz external reference, RF power monitoring as well as 1:1 redundant dual power supply. The RLC2708A and RLC2716A units represent flexible and compact RF distribution & amplification systems perfectly suited for use in Teleports, Satellite Earth Stations, as well as Broadcast- and Broadband facilities wherever accurate RF power, highest stability and availability is necessary. The units have a front-side LC-Display/keypads for local configuration while front-side status LED´s indicating amplifier and power supply status. Remote configuration can be done via the Ethernet-Interface (WebGUI, SNMP).

  • RF-Design RLC2708A Front + Rear
  • RF-Design RLC2716A Front + Rear

Features & Benefits

  • Space saving 1RU/19″ chassis

  • 1+1 redundant operating amplifier modules and 8:1 or 16:1 combiner in one unit

  • >5ms switchover between active & hot-standby amplifier module

  • Variable gain adjustment

  • Supports slope equalization

  • Front-side monitoring port -20dB

  • RF-power monitoring

  • Threshold alarm function and switchable output limiter

  • 10MHz external reference input

  • Local & remote access & configuration

  • Front side status LED´s

  • 1:1 redundant power supply/ Optionally 48V DC psu