Ecoline FiberLink

Extended L-Band and Broadband EcoLine FiberLink

The Ecoline TX/RX2450EL and EcoLine TRX2450EL / TRX3000EL Modules represent a cost effective RF over Fiber solution designed in a compact form allowing a handheld operation as well as population in a 1RU/19” chassis in a locally managed Environment. Ecoline TX/RX2450EL modules allow a conventional unidirectional links, while EcoLine TRX2450EL / TRX3000EL Modules allow a bidirectional link within one module by utilizing different Wavelengths.

  • RF-Design Ecoline FiberLink

Features & Benefits

  • Space saving handheld box with an external PSU
  • Could be in EcoLine V8 Chassis populated
  • 1310nm Wavelength as unidirectional variant or 1310nm with1550nm Wavelength bidirectional variant
  • Variable gain up to 36dB for unidirectional variant and 0dB fix gain for bidirectional transceiver
  • 850 to 2450MHz or 50 to 3000MHz