FlexLink S9E-1608C

Extended L-Band Switch Matrix 16:8 (fan-in/combining)

The FlexLink S9E-1608C is a professional L-Band Switch Matrix coming in a compact 1RU/19″ rackmount chassis supporting L-Band and also Extended L-Band frequency range (850 – 2450MHz), useable for Ka-Band and HTS applications. The unit comes with a 16:8 I/O configuration (fan-in/combining) and features variable gain control, RF power monitoring, DC-Supply and 10MHz external ref. signal input (both on request) and 1:1 redundant dual power supply. The unit is available with 50Ohm or 75Ohm RF connectors. A LC-Display with keypads allows easy local configuration. Remote configuration can be done via its Ethernet-Interface (WebGUI, SNMPv2c).

  • RF-Design FlexLink S9E-1608 Switch Matrix Front
  • RF-Design FlexLink S9E-1608 Switch Matrix Rear
  • RF-Design FlexLink S9E-1608 Switch Matrix Front + Rear

Features & Benefits

  • Space saving 1RU/19″ design

  • L-Band (950 – 2150MHz) and ext. L-Band (850 – 2450MHz)

  • 16:8 input/output configuration

  • Available with 50Ohm or 75Ohm I/O connectors

  • Supports variable gain control

  • RF power monitoring

  • Threshold monitoring/alarming

  • Superior RF performance

  • Local and remote configuration

  • 1:1 redundant dual power supply