FiberLinkplus N+2 redundant

N+1 & N+2 redundant RF-over-Fiber

This FiberLinkplus system comes in 1RU or 3RU/19″ design, supporting versatile redundant optical transmission configurations (N+1 or N+2). It is designed for flexible, high quality and absolute secure optical transmission for 1 to 16 signals (L-Band, extended L-Band) over a distance of up to 20 km. The redundancy switching can be realized and configured locally (LCD touchscreen) but also remotely via the Ethernet-Interface (WebGUI/SNMP). The system supports 1:1 redundant dual power supply, hot-swappable TX/RX modules, variable gain control and RF power-monitoring. It comes with a front side LC-Display/keypads or a 5,7″ touchscreen display for local configuration as well as a rear-side Ethernet-Interface for remote configuration (WebGUI, SNMP).

  • RF-Design FiberLinkplus FLCR3282plus-50S Front
  • RF-Design FiberLinkplus FLCR3282plus-50S Rear
  • RF-Design FiberLinkplus FLCR1121 Front
  • RF-Design FiberLinkplus FLCR1121 Rear

Features & Benefits

  • Space saving 1RU/19″ or 3RU/19″ design

  • Stable and secure signal transmission (L-Band or extended L-Band)

  • Various N+1/N+2 redundant configurations

  • Insertion of max. 16 ProLink TX and/or RX modules per chassis

  • Hot-swappable TX/RX modules

  • Supports mixed TX/RX configuration

  • Variable gain control

  • RF power monitoring

  • Local and remote configuration

  • Status LED´s

  • 1:1 redundant dual power supply