Dual channel RF Power Meter 50MHz to 8GHz

The Pwr8MG is a dual RF power meter unit operating at a frequency range within 50MHz – 8GHz thus perfectly suited for monitoring of RF carrier´s power (e.g. S-Band, C-Band) at satellite and terrestrial RF infrastructures. The PwrM8G comes as a compact handheld but can also be integrated into an approbriate 1RU/19″ rack mount chassis that can hold up to 4 power meter modules allowing simultaneous monitoring of 2 to 8 RF signals.

  • RF-Design PowerMeter
  • RF-Design PowerMeter Front and Rear
  • RF-Design PowerMeter 8GHz Front

Features & Benefits

  • Frequency range of 50MHz – 8GHz

  • Compact handheld or 1RU/19″ rack mount

  • Simultanious monitoring of 2 to max. 8 signals

  • Wide dynamic range

  • Threshold monitoring and alarming

  • Offset compensation for cables and directional couplers

  • Min. and max. RF power monitoring and recording

  • Supports calibration with the desired frequency

  • Local and remote configuration and monitorinig (OLED display/keypads, WebGUI, SNMP)

  • Front panel status LED´s