DC2150 Directional Coupler

Directional Coupler 850 – 2450MHz

The DC2150 is a directional coupler operating at L-Band (950 – 2150MHz) and extended L-Band frequency range (850 – 2450MHz). It is especially designed for operation in combination with our RF power meter Pwr3MG / RF power meter Pwr8MG / RF power meter Pwr40MG. PwrM3G but can of course also be used independently. A specially designed 1RU/19″ rack mount panel allows insertion of up to 8 DC2150 directional couplers.

  • RF-Design DC2150-8-1RU-Chassis Front
  • RF-Design DC2150-8-1RU-Chassis Front+Rear
  • RF-Design DC2150 Modul 50S