Dual Channel RF-over-Fiber System (Broadband 10MHz – 3.2GHz)

The FiberLink2plus incorporates 1RU/19” and 3RU/19” rackmount chassis with capacity for maximum 4 or 16 dual optical TX and/or RX modules and the corresponding optical TX and RX modules available for various RF frequency ranges. It allows distribution of up to 32 RF signals over optical fiber and besides its modular and high-density design, it also offers premium quality and many beneficial features.

It allows distribution of up to 32 RF signals over optical fiber and is perfectly suited for flexible and high-quality optical transmission of up to 32 RF signals covering a frequency range of 10MHz – 3.2GHz over a distance of up to 20km.

  • RF-Design FiberLink2plus FL2Cplus Front
  • RF-Design FiberLink2plus FL2Cplus Rear

Features & Benefits

  • Space saving 1RU/19″ or 3RU/19″ design

  • Versatile and flexible RF-over-Fiber system

  • Max. 10 – 3200MHz frequency coverage

  • 1RU/19″ chassis for max. 4 TX or RX modules

  • 3RU/19″ chassis for max. 16 TX or RX modules

  • Hot-swappable TX/RX modules

  • Support of mixed TX/RX population

  • Variable gain control at each TX/RX module

  • Switchable LNB-supply*

  • RF power monitoring at each TX/RX module

  • Status LED´s for each TX/RX module

  • Easy local & remote configuration & monitoring

  • Laser, link, PSU & access status monitoring

  • Excellent quality and superior RF performance

  • 1:1 redundant dual power supply