FlexLink S9E-88X VSAT Matrix

Extended L-Band Switch Matrix 2 x 8:8 (distributive and combining)

The FlexLink S9E-88X represents a professional dual 8:8 L-Band Switch Matrix, one matrix design as distributive, the other designed as combining matrix. It is designed in a compact and space-saving 1RU/19″ rack mount chassis available with RF coax I/O connectors.

The FlexLink S9E-88X is a future proof L-Band Switch Matrix supporting extended L-Band frequency 850 – 2450MHz, making it a perfect solution also for KA-Band and HTS applications. The unit features an efficient, flexible and reliable solution for today´s and future L-Band signal management and allows to switch/route any input to any or all outputs without limitations and interferences, while all combinations of inputs and outputs are configurable locally and remotely.

  • RF-Design FlexLink S9E-88X Front
  • RF-Design FlexLink S9E-88X Rear

Features & Benefits

  • Space saving 1RU/19″ modular rack mount design

  • Professional distributive and combining switching solution

  • Variable gain adjustment (distributive @ any input)

  • Variable gain adjustment (combining @ any output)

  • RF power monitoring

  • Threshold monitoring/alarming

  • Front side LC-Display & keypads for local configuration

  • Ethernet Interface (WebGUI, SNMPv2c)

  • Low power-consumption & heat generation

  • Superior RF performance, signal quality and stability

  • Admin & User login protection

  • 1:1 redundant dual power supply

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