FlexLink S9E-88X Hybrid

Extended L-Band Hybrid Switch Matrix 2 x 8:8 (distributive & combining)

The FlexLink S9E-88X represents a professional dual 8:8 hybrid Switch Matrix. It includes an 8:8 distributive (fan-out) and an 8:8 combining (fan-in) switch matrix both built into a 1RU/19” rack mount chassis.

The FlexLink S9E-88X is a future proof hybrid Switch Matrix supporting extended L-Band frequency 850 – 2450MHz thus also ready for Ka-Band and HTS applications. The unit features an efficient, flexible and reliable solution for today´s and future L-Band signal management applications and is a perfect fit for satellite uplink and downlink stations such as VSAT hubs and terminals, small satellite ground stations and teleports, LEO and MEO gateways, as well as for maritime and oil & gas terminals.

  • RF-Design FlexLink S9E-88X Hybrid Front
  • RF-Design FlexLink S9E-88X Hybrid Rear
  • RF-Design FlexLink S9E-88X Hybrid Front + Rear

Features & Benefits

  • Space saving 1RU/19″ modular rack mount design

  • Professional distributive and combining switching solution

  • Variable gain adjustment (distributive @ any input)

  • Variable gain adjustment (combining @ any output)

  • RF power monitoring

  • Threshold monitoring/alarming

  • Front side LC-Display & keypads for local configuration

  • Ethernet Interface (WebGUI, SNMPv2c)

  • Low power-consumption & heat generation

  • Superior RF performance, signal quality and stability

  • Admin & User login protection

  • 1:1 redundant dual power supply