FlexLink K73S

L-Band Switch Matrix 8:8 to 128:16 (fan-out/distributive)

The FlexLink K73S-1216 is a professional RF Switch Matrix (fan-out/distributive), built into a 6RU/19″ rack mount chassis, supporting L-Band (950 – 2150MHz) and extended L-Band (850 – 2450MHz). It can be assembled with I/O configurations from 8:8 to max. 128:6, expandable in increments of 8. With a fast switching time of <25ms it is a perfect fit especially for test, monitoring and measurement applications. This Switch Matrix provides superior RF performance at the highest quality level and comes with hot-swappable switch boards.

  • RF-Design FlexLink K73S Switch Matrix Rear
  • RF-Design FlexLink K73S Switch Matrix

Features & Benefits

  • 6RU/19″ rack mount design

  • Configurations 8:8 to 128:16

  • L-Band 950 – 2150MHz and ext. L-Band 850 – 2450MHz

  • Perfect for monitoring applications

  • Easy expandable at the Inputs

  • Variable gain control (Option)

  • 16 calibration ports

  • Less than <25ms switching time

  • Hot-swappable active components

  • Superior RF performance

  • Front-side LCD touchscreen

  • Remote configuration via WebGUI, SNMP

  • and more …