Product Detail

Product Detail

QLink Quad RF-o.-Fiber

Quad Outdoor/Indoor RF-over-Fiber

The QLink represents a Quad outdoor/indoor RF-over-Fiber system. The outdoor enclosure and the 1RU/19” rack-mount chassis can each be populated with up to 4 optical TX (transmit) or RX (receive) modules, also supporting mixed TX/RX population allowing secure and high quality optical transmission of RF signals in L-Band or extended L-Band over a distance of up to 5km. The outdoor enclosure is designed to be mounted directly at the antenna mast while the 1RU/19” indoor unit is for rack-mount design. The QLink optical link system will be assembled in-house for your individual application.

The system also features variable gain-control, RF power monitoring, laser/link monitoring and switchable LNB-supply. Additionally to that a 10MHz reference signal can be injected at the indoor unit and is also transmitted via an optical link to the outdoor chassis. An optical data-link connection between the outdoor and the indoor unit allows monitoring, management and configuration of the outdoor system. The 1RU/19” indoor rack-mount unit itself is equipped with an 100MBit Ethernet-interface supporting remote management of the overall QLink Quad RF-over-Fiber system (WebGUI, SNMP)

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Features & Benefits
  • Robust & weatherproof (IP65)
    outdoor enclosure
  • 1RU/19" rack-mount indoor chassis
  • Each holds up to 4 optical
    TX/RX modules
  • Supports mixed TX/RX configuration
    • Variable gain control
    • RF power monitoring
    • Switchable LNB-supply
    • Remote configuration
    • Status LED´s
    • 1:1 redundant dual power supply

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