Product Detail

Product Detail

NEW LSC Series

Modular 2-way or 8-way L-Band Splitter/Combiner system with 1:1 redundant amplifier

The LSC series represents a high quality modular L-Band splitter/combiner system suited for versatile RF distribution applications where accurate RF power, high stability and availability is necessary. The system combines the LSC102 (dual splitter/combiner chassis) and the LSC408 (octal splitter/combiner chassis) together with the corresponding 1:8 splitter module (LSM2150-8) and the 8:1 combiner (LCM2150-8) module, each coming with built in 1:1 redundant adjustable amplifier.

The LSC102 chassis has 2 slots for population of max. two 2-way L-Band splitter and/or combiner
modules while the LSC408 has 8 slots for insertion of max. eight 8-way splitter/combiner modules.

The LSC series with its flexibility, beneficial features and outstanding RF performance certainly is a perfect fit for any RF distribution infrastructure and perfectly suited for applications in Satellite Earth-Stations, Teleports as well as Broadcast infrastructures.

Features & Benefits
  • Space saving 19" chassis
    with 2 or 8 splitter/combiner slots
  • Supports mixed population
  • Integrated casdading ports
  • Monitoring ports 0dB
  • Hot swappable splitters/combiners
  • 1:1 redundant amplifiers

    • Variable gain control
    • RF power monitoring
    • Threshold monitoring/alarming
    • Local and remote configuration
    • Permanent status monitoring
    • 1:1 redundant dual power supply

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