Product Detail

Product Detail

LCEL EcoLine Combiners

Extended L-Band Combiners Active (Single 4-way, 8-way, 16-way, 32-way / Dual 4-way, 8-way, 16-way) Low-Cost

Our LCEL EcoLine series represents cost effective single or dual active L-Band combiners (4:1, 8:1, 16:1, 32:1 / 2 x 4:1, 2 x 8:1, 2 x 16:1) housed into a 1RU/19" rack-mount chassis. This units operate at the extended L-Band frequency-range (850...2450MHz) and allow combining of up to 32 L-Band signals to one output with zero loss. The units feature 1:1 dual redundant power supply and optionally can be equipped with a 10MHz external reference signal port. Front side colored status LED´s display the health status of the unit and each power-supply.

Features & Benefits
  • Space saving 1RU/19" chassis
  • Extended L-Band (850 - 2450MHz) ready for KA-Band & HTS applications
  • Single combiner variants (4:1, 8:1, 16:1 and 32:1)
  • Dual splitter variants (2 x 4:1, 2 x 8:1 and 2 x 16:1)
  • Internally amplified zero loss units
  • DC-supply 18VDC (ON/OFF)
  • 10MHz external reference signal inut (Option)
  • Front side Status LED´s
  • DB9-female alarm interface
  • 1:1 redundant dual power supply

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