Product Detail

Product Detail


N:1 redundant L-Band Line Amplifier, 1+1 to 4+1 (variable gain 0...40dB)

 The HQR445C is a compact and modular N+1 redundant L-Band line amplifier system built into a 1RU/19” rackmount chassis. The variable gain adjustment ranges from 0 – 40dB (1dB steps) while it also supports slope equalization so to achieve best performance within the RF distribution chain. The HQR445C chassis holds up to five high dynamic HQA45MI amplifier modules (950 – 2150MHz or 850 – 2700MHz) thus allowing an amplifier redundancy operation from 1+1 to max. 4+1 (field expandable, hot swappable).The redundancy switching between any of the active and the hot-standby amplifier modules is done by a high performance RF switch with a very short switchover time thus a stable signal transmission at any time is assured. The unit also features RF power monitoring, threshold alarming and comes with 1:1 redundant dual power supply (hot swappable). The front panel OLED display and keypads allows easy local monitoring and configuration. Remote configuration and monitoring is possible via its rear side Ethernet-Interface (WebGUI, SNMP). All active components of the unit such as amplifier modules, power supplies, ventilators, CPU and the OLED display are permanently monitored and hot swappable for ease of expansion and/or replacement This flexible, modular and expandable 4+1 line amplifier is perfectly suited for RF distribution infrastructures in Teleports, Satellite Earth Stations, as well as Broadcast- and Broadband facilities wherever accurate RF power, highest stability and availability is necessary.

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Features & Benefits
  • Space saving and compact 1RU/19" rackmount design
  • Supports L-Band (950 – 2150MHz) and extended L-Band
    850 – 2700MHz
  • Allows amplifier redundancy configuration from 1+1 to max. 4+1 (field expandable, hot swappable)
  • Modular concept for ease of replacement and maintenance
  • Variable gain adjust 0...40dB, 1dB steps (MGC/AGC)
  • Slope equalization 0...7dB, 1dB steps
  • RF power monitoring for all amplifier-modules (Input & Output)
  • Threshold alarm function and switchable output limiter
  • 1:1 redundant dual power supply (hot swappable)
  • MTTF Counter and warning function for power supplies
  • Temperature controlled fan speed operation
  • Local configuration and monitoring via front panel OLED display & keypads
  • Remote configuration and monitoring via Ethernet-Interface, (WebGUI/SNMPv2c)

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