Product Detail

Product Detail


1+1 redundant L-Band/extended L-Band Line Amplifier, (variable gain 0...40dB)

The HQR145C epresents a 1:1 redundant L-Band/extended L-Bnad line amplifier (950...2150MHz or 850 - 2700MHz) with variable gain adjustment in 1dB steps (0 - 40dB), slope equalization and various additional functionalities in a compact 1RU/19" rack-mount design. The unit comes with two independent and 1:1 redundant operating amplifier boards together with an internal RF switch and 1:1 redundant power-supplies. The HQR145C ́s two high dynamic 1:1 redundant operating amplifier modules (hot-standby) each provide variable gain control 0...40dB so to achieve best performance within the network. The redundancy switching between the two amplifier modules is done nearly interruption free with a switchover time of <5ms. The unit features variable gain control (MGC/ AGC), slope-equalization, RF power monitoring, thresholdalarming, 2 front-panel monitoring ports and 1:1 redundant dual power-supply (hot-swappable). Additional features such as switchable LNB-supply and a 10 MHz reference signal port are optionally available. The HQR145C has a front-side LC-Display/keypads for local configuration. Front-side status LED ́s indicating amplifier and power-supply status. Remote control and configuration can be done via its rear-side Ethernet-Interface (WebGUI, SNMP). This line amplifier is perfectly suited for RF distribution infrastructures in Teleports, Satellite Earth Stations, as well as Broadcast- and Broadband facilities wherever accurate RF power, highest stability and availability is necessary.

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Features & Benefits
  • Space saving and compact 1RU/19" rackmount design
  • 1:1 redundant hot-standby operating amplifier modules
  • Less than 5ms switchover time between amplifier modules
  • Variable gain adjust 0...40dB, 1dB steps (MGC/AGC)
  • Slope equalization 0...7dB, 1dB steps
  • RF power monitoring
  • Threshold alarm function
    and switchable output limiter
  • 2 monitoring ports
  • 10MHz external reference input
  • Switchable LNB-supply (option)
  • Local & remote access & configuration
  • Front side status LED´s
  • 1:1 redundant power supply

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