New Products


Single & Quad 1:1 redundant Line Amplifier also with integrated splitter

Our new "HQA & HQS series" features single, dual, quad and 1:1 redundant amplifiers while the HQS series comes with fixed 1:8 or 1:16 or modular splitters (max. 1:32). The units support variable gain ranges to max. 40dB. This new amplifier units are perfectly suited for level loss compensation and offer beneficial features like variable gain control, slope equalization, RF power monitoring, switchable LNB-supply and an external 10MHz interface. Configuration can be done locally via LC-Display and remotely via an Ethernet-Interface (WebGUI, SNMP)...

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QUAD RF-over-Fiber Systems with versatile configuration variants for Uplink and Downlink operations

QLink is a compact QUAD RF-over-Fiber system. The outdoor enclosure and the 1RU/19” rack-mount chassis can each be populated with up to 4 optical TX (transmit) or RX (receive) modules allowing secure and high quality optical transmission of RF signals (L-Band and extended L-Band). The outdoor enclosure is designed to be mounted directly at the antenna mast while the 1RU/19” indoor unit is for rack-mount design...

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Modular 8-way L-Band Splitter/Combiner system with 1:1 redundant amplifier

Our new "LSC Series" features high quality 8-way L-Band splitters and combiners with integrated 1:1 redundant amplifiers available in 1RU/19" (max. 2 8-way splitter/combiner modules) or 4RU/19" (max. 8 8-way splitter/combiner modules). The units feature variable gain control for each splitter/combiner module, RF power monitoring and threshold alarming. Additionally each unit is equipped with monitoring ports as well as cascading interfaces for expansion. Configuraiton and monitoring can be done locally and remotely (WebGUI, SNMP) while permanent health  status monitoring and alarming is also supported...

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