About RF-Design

Welcome to RF-Design

Since 1998 RF-Design is providing professional RF distribution solutions for the international Satellite-, Broadcast- and Broadband communications industry. Today we are specialists in developing, manufacturing and marketing professional RF equipment while our experience, our flexibility, our customer oriented service and our high quality products have made us a reputable partner within this sophisticated industry. We are a team of highly qualified and motivated people so our equipment reaches a very high quality standard. RF-Design is a strong and reliable partner to our clients and partners around the globe and together with them we work out the best solutions for your individual RF distribution infrastructure. Our product range covers all necessary equipment to manage your individual RF-signals in a perfect way.

Research & Development

Know-how and innovative ideas for high quality RF distribution solutions.
Our products are developed with highest quality levels focusing superior and excellent technical performance. We are also strong to design custom-made solutions fullfilling your individual requirements. Permanent research guarantees high quality and best performance. This includes the selection of overall material and components as well as ongoing design optimization. Steady prototyping and intensive test periodes are ensuring best results in terms of functionality, specifications and performance. We constantly invest in new technologies and the training of our competent staff. Experienced and highly qualified engineers are striving to develop new and innovative product solutions with optimal hard- and software functionalities.


Modern facilities, choice of suppliers & tools...the way to high quality RF solutions
Our production is splitted in two segments: Selected partners and special suppliers provide printed circuit boards, mechanical and electronical parts. Final assemby, all setups and tests are done within our facilities. All our manufacturing partners and suppliers have to meet our high quality standards and also the European industrial quality standards. Customers will find all parameters being recorded during performance tests and measurements in final setup as part of the delivered documentation.