Spectrum Analyzer

RF & DVB Monitoring

Our RF & DVB monitoring solutions are represented by our SQA series that incorporates broadband remote monitoring units both for RF and DVB signal monitoring. The units cover a frequency range of 5MHz to 3GHz and are available with multiple-inputs (16, 32 & 64) enabling continues monitoring but also faults and performance to be identified quickly for up to 64 signals.

The high quality internal multi-input RF switche has an excellent isolation between adjacent input ports ensuring that the integrity of measurements is not compromised and faithfully recorded. The integrated Spectrum-Analyzer board allows measurement and monitoring of the selected RF signal levels and channel frequency while optionally various DVB parameters (DVB-C, DVB-S/S2) can be monitored via the front-side integrated DVB-Demodulator module.

Access, configuration, measurement and monitoring can be done via the Carrier-Monitoring-Software (CMS).

Multi-Input RF & DVB Signal Quality Analyzer series

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