FiberLinkplus RF-over-Fiber

Our versatile FiberLinkplus system offers a broad range of RF-over-Fiber solutions for conversion of RF to optical signals, e.g from an antenna to a NOC for a distance of up to 10km.

Our FiberLinkplus series incorporates standard (non redundant), N+1/N+2 and 1:1 redundant systems suited for and outdoor applications assuring stable and secure signal transmission at any time.

The different versions are scalable and come in rack-mount chassis of 1RU/19”, 3RU/19” or 4RU/19" design and are perfectly suited to transmit and receive L-Band, extended L-Band (IF and 10MHz upon request) signals via single mode fiber.

Additionally all versions of the Fiberlinkplus series come with beneficial features such as variable gain-control, RF-power monitoring, LNB-supply, hot-swappable optical-modules, 1:1 redundant dual power-supplies...

Standard RF-over-Fiber System

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N+1 & N+2 redundant RF-over-Fiber System

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1:1 redundant RF-over-Fiber System

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Outdoor RF-over-Fiber System Standard, 1:1, N+1 & N+2

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