Product Detail

FlexLink RSC201 Series

Single or Quad 2:1 RF redundancy Switches

The FlexLink RSC201 are 2:1 redundancy switches in 1RU/19" rack-mount design operating at a broadband frequency range of 5...2.500MHz. The FlexLink RSC 2:1 redundancy switch´s output port can be switched to one input port manually or automatically while all input signals are individually monitored considering the predefined threshold level. The units provide alarming and also controls the switching independently. It is designed to allow redundancy switching between an active unit to a back-up unit so to assure constant and stable RF signal availability.

The units are available either with Single 2:1 or Quad 2:1 (4 x 2:1) redundancy-switch configuration. The FlexLink RSC201also features 1:1 redundant dual power-supply while front-side LED´s indicating RF-port and powersupply status. The variant FlexLink RSC201-L supports switchable LNB-supply (@ any input) while optionally the units are available with DC-through voltage via active port enabling DC-supply of interconnected devices. The units have front side LC-Display/keypads for local configuration while remote configuration is possible via its Ethernet-Interface (http./WebGUI, SNMP).

Features & Benefits
  • Space saving 1RU/19" chassis
  • Available as Single 2:1 and Quad 2:1 redundancy switches
  • Manual or automatic switching
  • RF power monitoring
  • Remote and local alarm monitoring
  • Switchable LNB-supply
  • DC-through voltage (Option)
  • Local & remote configuration
  • Front side Status LED´s
  • 1:1 redundant dual power supply (hot-swap)

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