New Products


Single/Dual/Quad/1:1 redundant Line Amplifier also with integrated splitter

Our new "HQA & HQS series" features single, dual, quad and 1:1 redundant amplifiers while the HQS series comes with fixed 1:8 or 1:16 or modular splitters (max. 1:32). The units support variable gain ranges to max. 40dB. This new amplifier units are perfectly suited for level loss compensation and offer beneficial features like variable gain control, slope equalization, RF power monitoring, switchable LNB-supply and an external 10MHz interface. Configuration can be done locally via LC-Display and remotely via an Ethernet-Interface (WebGUI, SNMP)...

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8:8...256:256 Switch Matrix

UNIQUE - INNOVATIVE - CLEVER... stands for our new scalable L-Band Switch Matrix system „FlexLink K7- Pro“ available in sizes 8:8, 64:64, expandable to up to 256:256. Now supporting Extended L-Band 850 - 2450MHz ready for Ka-Band & HTS applications. Unique features, innovative options and a clever design as well as superior RF performance make this matrix a perfect fit for your RF signal distribution architecture...

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FiberLinkplus RF-over-Fiber System

Our new "FiberLinkplus" features versatile RF-over-Fiber Systems supporting not-redundant, N+1 and N+2 redundant or 1:1 redundant TX/RX redundant operation for secure and stable signal transmission over optical fiber. Advantageous features include variable gain control, switchable LNB-supply, RF power monitoring, Laser/Link monitoring, local and remote configuration as well as excellent performance...

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